Bar products

Fort Wayne Metals manufactures bar products to your specifications such as tensile strength, Rockwell hardness, diameter tolerance, and length. Unless specified, your material will come manufactured in 3.05 m [10 ft] to 3.65 m [12 ft] random lengths.

To improve the traceability of your Fort Wayne Metals centerless ground bars, we offer Bar Marking.  Click here for more information.

Para sua comodidade, a Fort Wayne Metals também mantém um estoque limitado dos tamanhos mais populares de barras retificadas para atender você o mais rápido possível. Clique aqui para ver nosso estoque atual e enviar um pedido.

Acabamentos de superfície

Bar is available in two surface finishes, allowing you to select the right bar for your application, whether that means a premium, ready-to-go finish, or a rougher, more economical surface primed for additional processing.

Centerless ground & polished bar
  • Bright, smooth surface
  • Consistent diameter and surface
  • Often used in applications that require premium bar surface

Design specifications

  • 1 mm to 12 mm [0.040 in to 0.500 in]
  • Standard diameter tolerance: ± 0.0127 mm [0.0005 in]
  • Surface Ra
    • Stainless steel: <0.4 µm [16 µin]
    • High-performance alloys: <0.4 µm [16 µin]
    • Titanium: <0.8 µm [32 µin]
Mill finish
  • Rough, matte surface
  • More economical than centerless ground & polished
  • Less uniform diameter and surface
  • Often used in manufacturing steps that require removal of material

Design specifications

  • 1.59 mm to 12 mm [0.0625 in to 0.500 in]
  • Standard diameter tolerance: ± 0.0254 mm [0.001 in]
  • Surface Ra: <1.6 µm [64 µin]
    • Surface Ra does not vary with alloy
Exemplos de produtos finais
  • Parafusos ortopédicos
  • Pinos
  • Barras
  • Dental implants
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